Here are five misstep areas that you should be aware of in being part of the Facebook and Instagram social media landscape. If the content generates the wrong impression, it could bring the wrong attention to your business.


Any Advertising is Good Advertising

Bragging about how great you are and promoting your excellence too often on social media will turn people off. Instead, focus on storytelling and diversifying your content by sharing client testimonials and useful content that adds value, or creating contests or last-minute promotions.


The Number of Your Followers Counts

The number of your fans is a good indication of your success. Is it?! Do you prefer to be the dentist who has 200 followers in which 100 of them are returning clients?
Or the dentist who has 1000 followers, whereby 990 of them are just there to follow you or see the videos of your puppy you post every week!


The More Social Media Profiles

The more social media profiles you have, the broader your audience reach!? It creates mixed content, makes your audience confused and stops you from delivering a uniform integrated message.


Automate Everything You Can

Although Automation could be a beneficial strategy to save time and standardize processes, it can also take the human touch away and make the communication very robotic. It is always more effective when people feel like they are communicating with another person.


The More #Hashtags, the Better

Hashtags only carry a value when they are relevant to the context. Think of your hashtags as small flags or signs which bring attention to you and your business. If you want to put some small signs in front of your office, what would you put on them? What would you not put on them?!