By: Martha Gregory

Tony Morrone is a hustler, tracker, cajoler, and Canada’s foremost paparazzi.

Covered with his cameras he scurries around “the scene” like a rat in a dark noisy tunnel. His instincts and acute sense of smell, attract him to every location where something is cooking. His persistence manages to penetrate all security and his persuasive charm overcomes all other obstacle to get the picture that tells the story.

Tony is an essential ingredient in the publicity machinery of the entertainment industry. While covering the film festival he explained to me how the openings and closings of these events are of no interest to him except for the “booze and food”.

“Crowds are not interesting. People make announcements, and flatter each other. They are usually all the could bees, would bees or wanta bees, who mill around staring at each other, getting tired. The best places are the little out of the way places, where actors, producers, or directors are meeting each other, not meeting a crowd. I rely on my friends with cell phones. We keep in touch with each other, find out who’s where, and show up before the bubble pops. You have to understand that I’m not invading their privacy. I’m helping to make them famous and that’s what they need to survive. I guess, in this business we are all whores feeding off each other’s plates. I would never want to hurt them, I must love them. They are special people to be able to deal with all the pressure, the disappointments, the success, the bull….. and even guys like me ”, he says.

As usual Tony gleaned what he needed from the film festival. He collected hundreds of photographs and short interviews on digital video. These were methodically identified, categorized, and tucked away into his computer controlled filing system.

Tony’s activities are not restricted to chasing celebrities. Tony has a collection of guitars to entertain his friends with and has also co-produced the current Caledon Film’s feature film Lees Offering the Movie. He is now off to Tunisia to work on another feature production.

Tony Morrone, with his unkempt hair and infectious grin, demonstrates how someone can make a living and continue to be thrilled with the experience of living.