Nature’s Element in Yorkville is a calm oasis in the centre of the city. A place where the sound of water trickling gently over natural stone brings the spirit back to nature and where soothing, mystical music creates a harmonious atmosphere. You have arrived at a special place.

Natural stone fountains have captured the attention of many influential Toronto residents along with celebrities from Barbra Streisand to Jerry Seinfeld. They have discovered the beauty and mystery of fountains.
Natural stone such as amethyst, granite, marble, quartz or unusual finds such as Poona or Labradorite crystal make these water vessels magical. Throughout the ages, fountains have been a vortex of goodwill aà people gathered at fountains (usually at the centre of town) to rendezvous, share, wash and launder.

“ People instinctively choose a water fountain as a way to bring peace and harmony into their lives,” says Sylvia Noble who is co-owner of Nature’s Element and was trained by a seventh generation master fountain artisan, in Europe.

Why natural stone?
“Natural stone is of the earth and therefore has a life energy that provides a largely unseen experience. A natural stone fountain in our environment is an energy balancer and serves to awaken and connect aspects of one’s life and self,” she says.

Mystics throughout the ages revered the beauty and mystery of water and its movement over natural elements. Feng Shui principles suggest that water over metal can erode prosperity, while water over wood can erode health.

Sylvia is adamant about the use of natural stone and not artificial materials. “If it isn’t made of real stone it isn’t a true fountain,” says Sylvia. “The beauty and energy behind artificial roses is not the same as it is with fresh roses. For the same reason, I would not use a water feature made of cement or fibre. Make it small, make it inexpensive, but always, always make it real.”

Another unique feature of Sylvia’s fountains is the floating stone sphere. Considered an engineering marvel, a floating sphere is often nicknamed the “generator” for its ability to attract abundance and good fortune. While fountains are available without a sphere, the addition of one will magnify the overall energy of the natural stone base. Every natural stone has its own inherent energetic property for bringing change and enhancement. Natural stones such as rose quartz are said to increase one’s ability to receive love, while sandstone is said to enhance new beginnings.

Sylvia employs only women in her business. “In an esoteric way, it is our way of connecting our work with Mother Earth, the primordial supporter and nurturer of life,” says Sylvia.

Whether you are looking for relief from stress, increased abundance and prosperity or more successful relationships, a Nature’s Element, natural stone fountain is life transforming.