When we entered the ScottHill Caribbean Restaurant, we were quite surprised. What lay ahead was a magical mystery tour. The tour included great Caribbean food and music. The chef, Coconatty, is a poet and a singing minstrel. Bob Marley lives on here.

The patrons are given an added delight, a vegetable soup so good it has a feeling of raindrops kissing your face in the morning. The national dish of Jamaica is called Ackee and Salt fish. It is a fruit brought to Jamaica from Ghana in 1727. This dish pays homage to the great chefs of Jamaica. This dish turns sunshine into smiles. The fruit and the codfish complemented each other with their unique flavours. Kingfish was served next. It felt as if we were at the Royal Palace. The whole fish is served in a majestic platter. The fish is pinkish, sweet and very tasty. It also has very few bones, which made me very happy. The taste gives you the feeling the gods are dancing on your head.

I had never tasted plantain before. It was sweet, crisp and very yummy. Sort of an exotic taste. The curry chicken makes you want to taste each and every morsel. The taste says “Welcome to Jamaica.” It was like a warm hug by the seaside.

The crème de la resistance is the grape nut ice cream, a favourite mainstay of Jamaica. This brings all the flavours, smells and senses of Jamaica in a bowl.

The dishes here are made with love and years of family tradition. All the music here is recorded by daughter, Rachel, and Coconatty. This is a family restaurant and welcomes you the moment you walk in. This is the first of many more visits. We will be back again and again.
And so should you.
Mi deh yah yuk know…which means, “Everything is ok.”