No one likes pain, especially chronic pain due to Frozen Shoulder, throbbing elbow, knee or back. In most cases, pain killers are bought or prescribed by doctors. In extreme cases, surgery is used, while other people have discovered Trigenics® Clinics that are producing fantastic results. Trigenics’ reputation has become a global destination for people to get their pain treated. Entering the Clinic, a celebrity Wall of Fame greets you. Celebrities such as; X-men Magneto, Sir Ian McKellen, Randy Bachman, Simon Cowell, Barry Pepper, to name a few, who flew from around the world to get rid of their pain.

TRIGENICS® Treatment Clinic and Physio-Rehab Centre was founded in 1988 by Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin, who offered a combined approach of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) principles for receptor therapy and brain stimulation to end the suffering of those in chronic pain. The success of the Clinic, however, likely would not have risen to the international level it stands at today, had it not been for the financial wisdom, entrepreneurial spirit and compassion of Clinic Director, Dr. Valeria Muriel.

The Clinics are world-renowned for helping their clients recover from chronic pain and injury, in record time. The mission of their team has been to help their patients get to the real root of the problem, resolve their condition, and lower pain levels in the least amount of time possible. For a large number of Torontonians suffering from chronic pain, the Clinic had a significant lasting beneficial impact on their lives.


OAT is a neurological treatment system that combines three treatment and exercise modalities simultaneously to re-route brain to body communication for instantaneous pain relief and increases in functional strength and movement. Combining nerve sensor manipulation with neurological movement reflex modification and biofeedback breathing, Trigenics achieves near-instant success in relieving pain, often when all other approaches have failed. It has brought immediate relief to thousands of suffering from chronic pain.

The success of the Clinic, however, likely would not have risen to the international level it stands at now, had it not been for the financial wisdom, entrepreneurial spirit and compassion of Clinic Director, Valeria Muriel. Valeria, originally from Mexico, came to Canada in 2001 to study business-corporate finance at the University of Toronto. Her life’s plan was to follow in her father, Mr. Carlos Muriel Vazquez, footsteps — who, at the time, was Chairman of the Board of Scotia Bank. While studying Valeria, met a young doctor named Allan Oolo Austin, who was establishing himself and his Trigenics® practice in Yorkville. Valeria volunteered her spare time to help Dr. Austin and his patients. It was during her spare time that she felt the calling to change her life’s path. “I was amazed at how he helps patients. It was gratifying to work in that environment, so I decided to change my life where I can help people recover faster,” explains a very soft-spoken Muriel. Valeria Muriel shortly enrolled in courses for natural medicine, manual therapy, nutrition, lifestyle, and invested her knowledge in finances and business to help build Trigenics®. To the dismay of her father, Valeria left her budding career in business to build a medical and educational practice and business for a growing number of chronic pain sufferers, which over the years, have grown into a significantly large number.

What’s unique about TRIGENICS® is that they use a non-surgical multimodal treatment protocol that’s designed to instantly relieve pain and restore the body to a stronger, more active way of living and day-to-day lifestyle. This protocol utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in providing physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic care, registered massage therapy where needed. An all-encompassing team of doctors and therapists are available to correct a patient’s prevailing conditions thoroughly.


According to Statistic Canada 2008, about 1.5 million Canadian men and women experienced chronic pain. The root cause varies, but after injury, pain is considered chronic if it remains consistent over a few months or if the pain prevails after an injury has been healed. Without proper, thorough treatment, it not only has a profoundly negative impact on the person suffering but also on family members, workplace absences, the health care system and it can eventually become a factor in mental health disruptions and eating disorders.

The Trigenics® quality of service and care for their patients is second to none – which is why so many business executives, elite athletes, famous musicians and movie stars have often travelled vast distances for treatment. People will commute to seek treatment from the best of the best in the fields of natural health care, manual medicine and rehabilitation.

Using the example of a Frozen Shoulder condition, Valeria says most common treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic care, even in some cases surgery would not work, make it worse or take years to bring back mobility. Trigenics® treatment with an innovative, revolutionary non-surgical operation (OAT) can restore mobility and long term relief within two visits. Frozen shoulder affects up to 300 Million people worldwide. There was no known cure before Dr. Austin developed the OAT non-surgical operation. Thousands of patients looking for frozen shoulders relief have come from all over the world to receive this care. “There is no other treatment on the market with these results for frozen shoulder,” says Valeria.


The root of its success may stem from its original design. The Trigenics® treatment system was partially inspired by the work of Herman Kabat and Maggie Knott. Kabat and Knott had established the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Principles. It was also partly inspired by the concepts of Vladimir Janda. Trigenics® combined some principles of these notables with advanced functional muscle neurology, movement receptor therapy and brain stimulation. The combination of all three therapeutic modalities has been designed to alter neurological control and allow for instant change to occur in weak or short muscles, which are commonly the main cause for instability and chronic pain. Trigenics® helps the practitioner discover the root of the pain at a faster pace, therefore allowing the treatment to be developed more quickly and take faster effect. According to Valeria Muriel, the goal of the Trigenics® treatment is to alter neurological control so muscles can learn to function in a healthier, correctly balanced, more functional way again.

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Valeria is a surviving cancer patient, and her battle of fighting 2nd-time cancer while recovering at home from the hospital treatments did not stop her from pursuing and growing Trigenics® business. She and Dr. Austin also launched a multitude of NEW medical spa and anti-ageing services with highly advanced medical machines that use the latest technology in facial and body skin regeneration to make everyone look so much younger. Dr. Muriel has a clear vision to help every client not only heal on the inside but also feel more radiant on the outside. Everything that someone needs to achieve can be found within the same walls right here at their treatment clinic in Toronto. “One-stop care from inside out.” Why travel all over the city when you can have everything in one place? In a stress filled world, we need to find a way to soothe our tired muscles, melt away stress and feel our best.

Now, in its 31st year, Trigenics® has surpassed its humble beginnings. From small health care and educational business practice here in Toronto, Dr. Austin and his partner Valeria Muriel has a presence all over the world, including all continents of North America, Estonia in Europe, Asia and South America as well. Along with clinics that offer the treatment, workshops and educational courses are open to practitioners in a variety of positions within the medical field. The training opportunities are designed to teach doctors and therapist practitioners, the Trigenics® Neurological treatment system technique, all in the name of decreasing chronic pain and increasing functional mobility. Valeria also has been supporting the Canadian community bringing doctors, therapists, and experts from different health professions to work at Trigenics®. She has been an enormous support for students with an internship (co-op) program where they can finish their careers and gain experience in their field.


When asked if she regrets her decision to pursue an uncertain career, Muriel says, “I invested in something I believe in. People don’t have to live in pain. The power of Trigenics® is so huge that I had to follow it. The wonderful positive influence it has had on patients, doctors, therapists and students has been so rewarding for me. I feel blessed to have helped so many people in pain as well as health professionals with their careers providing Trigenics® courses and seminars, and at the same time offering new jobs to support the community and families.” Her dedication to the Trigenics® educational and rehabilitation business and her passion for the Trigenics® clinical practice not only changed her life so much for the better but also so positively altered the lives of many others. Muriel always recommends for people to “Try Trigenics®…… it works!”