One small bottle containing essential nutrients and minerals that are missing from the human body seems like a miracle drug. To some, perhaps it is. To others, it is a complimentary supplement which ensures a healthier and more vibrant life. To Ian Clark, the founder of Activation Products, it was life-changing.

In 2004 Clark was diagnosed with heart disease and liver cancer. He was told that he had 1000 days to live, and he was prescribed chemotherapy, surgery and multiple forms of prescription drugs.

Rather than follow the advice of his doctors and go under the surgical knife, Clark chose to alter his life habits and tackle his diagnosis with natural remedies. Up until that point, he had worked in the energy industry, living a high-stress life, consuming unhealthy foods and making poor choices. Clark felt his poor lifestyle choices caused his diagnoses; therefore, his solution was to do the opposite. “I caused it naturally by doing the wrong thing, and I believed I would repair myself naturally by doing the right thing,” says Clark.

With the support of his sons, Clark spent five years improving his health, and while his doctors suspected he was suicidal for not taking their advice of surgery and chemotherapy, Clark continued to change his life naturally. The kick start to his life’s success, however, came from the ocean floor. Clark was introduced to marine phytoplankton by a friend in Vancouver. He recalls sprinkling it into his food and instantly feeling a significant change to his body.

Marine phytoplankton, a natural remedy where the best quality is found in the oceans, contains all essential nutrients and minerals for body and brain improvement. Not to be confused with a stimulant, phytoplankton gives the body an internal charge, which the brain recognizes immediately and improves mental energy and focus.
Clark compares it to “Mother Earth’s breast milk.”


Marine Phytoplankton is a microalgae in its purest form which is found on the ocean floor. It is the one with the highest concentrated superfood containing omega three fatty acids, amino acids, magnesium, potassium, zinc, anti-oxidants and a long list of essential minerals and vitamins. Over the years, due to high volumes of pollution, marine phytoplankton has been at risk of being exposed and giving off a lower quality of its benefits.

According to Clark, the only way to ensure a safe product is to purchase marine phytoplankton. This product needs to be produced in a photo bioreactor. To the misfortune of Canadians, photoreactors are only found in Europe. Oceans Alive, under Clark’s company’s management, imports the marine phytoplankton from Europe and manufactures it here in Canada. Thankfully, the price of Ocean’s Alive remains reasonable, and the product maintains its highquality standards.

Now in his 15th year as the Founder of Activation Products, Clark no longer has heart disease, nor a tumour. His transformation not only saved his life but gave him a fresh start at an entirely new one. He jokes, “I went from a dumb, fat, ugly white guy to a knowledgeable, handsome white guy.

While Clark adamantly states marine phytoplankton is not a cure for cancer, he does support that it has optimal effects on the human body. He feels that he is living proof of its health benefits.

Activation Products, including its signature, Ocean’s Alive operating out of Cobourg, Ontario. Consumers can purchase highquality health supplements from anywhere in Canada and Online.

“The knowledge is what matters if we want to live a healthy life. Your body is pro-active and priceless.” – Ian Clark