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Bob Proctor

Do Thoughts Become Things? – My Exclusive Interview With Canada’s Iconic Thought Leader: BOB PROCTOR    by Aida Memisevic My cell phone buzzed. I was in Los Angeles and had just attended the Paradigm Shift seminar with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, and was scheduled to do an exclusive interview with Bob Proctor. Their event manager Gina Hayden had been trying to reach me. When I called her back, in a matter-of-fact tone she asked me, “Aida I was wondering if after the interview tomorrow you would like to fly back to Toronto with us on the private jet?”...

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by Roanna Sabeh-Azar At the age of 27, I found my first dog on a business trip to Mexico. On a busy street in downtown Mexico City I saw a box containing 10 puppies, all of different colours and breeds.  I reached my hand in and pulled out the cutest dog I had ever seen – Mex!  At that time I owned a boutique on Yorkville Avenue and didn’t have the faintest idea how to care for a dog, but it all seemed to come naturally to me.  Twenty years ago there really wasn’t much available to dog owners like...

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Rewriting What A Great Downtown Restaurant Is All About by Virginia Munroe Located in the heart of downtown Toronto in the Cosmopolitan Hotel at 8 Colborne Street, Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar is  rewriting the book on what a great steakhouse is all about in this city. The ambience is delightful, with hardwood floors, barnboard & brick walls and fine woods everywhere, creating an atmosphere that is at once warm and welcoming. In addition to the restaurant and bar, the Crystal Room is a private dining area on the ground floor, that seats 10 – 12. Upstairs is the...

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Canadian International Air Show

Canadian International Airshow 2015 The CIAS takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada over Lake Ontario and is best viewed at the southwest waterfront grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), south of the bandshell. Show-centre is located directly in front of the VIP Guest Enclosure and the best viewing locations include the CNE grounds and the VIP Guest Enclosure for which a very limited number of tickets are available for...

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Toronto Island Sailing Club (TISC) — the waterfront’s best-kept secret!

Toronto Island Sailing Club (TISC) — the waterfront’s best-kept secret! If you want to sail without the expense and hassle of owning your own boat, then TISC is the place for you. TISC is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit sailing club on Centre Island, just minutes from the downtown core. When you become a member of TISC, not only do you get access to our spectacularly-located clubhouse on Centre Island, our fleet of boats, and CYA-approved sailing lessons, you also get a guaranteed spot on a boat with an experienced sailor on one of our three Social Sailing nights…. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, you will...

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