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New Festival Celebrating the City’s Vibrant Innovation Ecosystem.   by Linda Montgomery   If it’s September in Toronto, TIFF may not be the only world-class festival our city is known for in the future.  We are currently experiencing a golden time for technology and innovation. Elevate Toronto aims to broadcast our story far and wide while also providing discovery, connections and inspiration for Torontonians. The 3-day festival will debut on September 12th. It will shine a light on our flourishing tech companies and community, as well as promoting Toronto as a destination for talent, investment and innovation leadership. If...

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by John Bessai Margaret Atwood created a  theory about Canadian Literature.  She argues that victimhood is the signature of Canadian culture. For Atwood, one idea implicit in her 1972 publication was that Canadian literature itself needed to survive and, as we know, it certainly did.  Many Canadians, until then, were unaware that there was a fascinating and enlightening discussion to be had about the literature of this country. Perhaps the survival of our literature will lead to the survival of more than Canada and maybe the whole world. A people’s poet, a master of description and a subscriber to...

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by Laura Fernandez   It has been almost 10 years since I caught the love bug and began my affair with Latin Jazz. It all started when I took over the mantle of producer and host of Café Latino on Canada’s (and the world’s) premier 24 hour jazz station –Jazz FM 91—and it has been an unbelievable and life changing journey. I was blessed with the opportunity and I have taken it truly to heart—or should I say, it took over my heart! For those unfamiliar with the genre, Latin Jazz is generally described as a blend of American...

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by Maeve Salichuk The controversial documentary Sled Dogs, directed by filmmaker Fern Levitt, delves into some ugly truths about the commercial dogsledding industry in North America. Taking over two years to film, Sled Dogs showcases the living conditions for the majority of dogs born into this life. It was in 2010 that Levitt visited Chocpaw, a dogsled tour company in Ontario. There she found that the dogs were housed in terrible conditions.  She was able to adopt a dog named Slater, saving him that very day. He had spent most of his first nine years chained. Levitt, who has...

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Water: Sustaining Life a Photo Exhibit by Virginia Munroe Water is our most precious resource. Urban Gallery, under the management of Calvin Hambrook and Curator Allen Shugar, paid homage to water this past Spring in a spectacular photographic exhibit entitled Water: Sustaining Life. As part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, the exhibit featured four photographers – Alex Turner, Chris Hominuk, Karen Silver and Maria Ricossa. Here’s a bit of background on these photographers, as well as their perspective on what inspired them when taking these shots.   KAREN SILVER – ‘Swamp’ Karen Silver is an Executive Producer of...

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