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by Virginia Munroe   Allen Shugar is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in oil-on-canvas. He is Curator of Urban Gallery. “Colour, light, the cycles of nature (so extreme in our climate), the beauty of the human form: these are the subjects that inspire my paintings. Naturalistic representation has never much interested me. I take, rather, a transformative approach that seeks to capture a purely subjective experience, a state of mind, an evanescent thought. In this respect my work owes as much to musical and literary influences as it does to visual stimuli. My aim is to suggest the extraordinary...

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Water: Sustaining Life a Photo Exhibit by Virginia Munroe Water is our most precious resource. Urban Gallery, under the management of Calvin Hambrook and Curator Allen Shugar, paid homage to water this past Spring in a spectacular photographic exhibit entitled Water: Sustaining Life. As part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, the exhibit featured four photographers – Alex Turner, Chris Hominuk, Karen Silver and Maria Ricossa. Here’s a bit of background on these photographers, as well as their perspective on what inspired them when taking these shots.   KAREN SILVER – ‘Swamp’ Karen Silver is an Executive Producer of...

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Rewriting What A Great Downtown Restaurant Is All About by Virginia Munroe Located in the heart of downtown Toronto in the Cosmopolitan Hotel at 8 Colborne Street, Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar is  rewriting the book on what a great steakhouse is all about in this city. The ambience is delightful, with hardwood floors, barnboard & brick walls and fine woods everywhere, creating an atmosphere that is at once warm and welcoming. In addition to the restaurant and bar, the Crystal Room is a private dining area on the ground floor, that seats 10 – 12. Upstairs is the...

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