Author: Maeve Salichuk


by Maeve Salichuk The controversial documentary Sled Dogs, directed by filmmaker Fern Levitt, delves into some ugly truths about the commercial dogsledding industry in North America. Taking over two years to film, Sled Dogs showcases the living conditions for the majority of dogs born into this life. It was in 2010 that Levitt visited Chocpaw, a dogsled tour company in Ontario. There she found that the dogs were housed in terrible conditions.  She was able to adopt a dog named Slater, saving him that very day. He had spent most of his first nine years chained. Levitt, who has...

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The Waterfront BIA

by Maeve Salichuk The Waterfront BIA – Growing Business on the Toronto Waterfront – The Waterfront Business Improvement Area (BIA) invites you to share in the excitement this summer with spectacular events, new restaurants and a spirit of fun that just won’t quit! Established in 2004, this community driven organization is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the economic and cultural vitality of the Waterfront area. The area welcomes 17 million visitors annually to experience one of Toronto’s premier destinations. Check out the triple award-winning Singing Ambassadors, Thursdays through Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm, June 22nd until September...

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