Author: Linda Montgomery


New Festival Celebrating the City’s Vibrant Innovation Ecosystem.   by Linda Montgomery   If it’s September in Toronto, TIFF may not be the only world-class festival our city is known for in the future.  We are currently experiencing a golden time for technology and innovation. Elevate Toronto aims to broadcast our story far and wide while also providing discovery, connections and inspiration for Torontonians. The 3-day festival will debut on September 12th. It will shine a light on our flourishing tech companies and community, as well as promoting Toronto as a destination for talent, investment and innovation leadership. If...

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Leveraging A Startup Playbook For Digital Transformation. by Linda Montgomery Photo Caption: Blanc Labs applying startup mindset to innovation for a Canadian Bank. Innovation is becoming a hot topic for Corporate Canada in the office towers overlooking the Toronto Waterfront.  New digital technologies will disrupt these companies – today, a Fortune 500 company has a lifespan of just 15 years; it was 50 a decade ago. A shocking 57% of S&P 500 firms will be replaced by new firms during the next decade says Yale University professor Richard Foster.   This upheaval is partially a result of companies not...

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