Author: Aida Memisevic

Bob Proctor

Do Thoughts Become Things? – My Exclusive Interview With Canada’s Iconic Thought Leader: BOB PROCTOR    by Aida Memisevic My cell phone buzzed. I was in Los Angeles and had just attended the Paradigm Shift seminar with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, and was scheduled to do an exclusive interview with Bob Proctor. Their event manager Gina Hayden had been trying to reach me. When I called her back, in a matter-of-fact tone she asked me, “Aida I was wondering if after the interview tomorrow you would like to fly back to Toronto with us on the private jet?”...

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by Aida Memisevic When we think about food and exercise the rules seem pretty clear. If you exercise you burn calories. When you eat food you ingest calories. In the end it’s about calories in, versus calories out, right? Well… it may not be that simple. Psychological scientists have discovered the powerful effect that ‘suggestion’ can have on our lives. This occurs as a result of our response expectancies, in other words the beliefs we have about how we will respond in any given situation. They are automated internal responses that help orchestrate the specific outcomes we believe will...

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