Metro Nightclub – 5 Stars

The recently opened METRO NIGHTCLUB was a packed affair with scantily clad Vegas-style babes roaming the crowd. Toronto is finally beginning to enjoy the scintillating nightlife that cities such as Berlin have been thriving on for decades. “Sin in the City” nights of sexual revelry take place every Wednesday with Wicked Glamour Girls performing to the sex-themed nights from Hustler Fashion Extravaganza to Caligula and Naughty Schoolgirl. Writerly attired, Jacob Richler was chowing down at the bit with Mr. Metrosexual himself, Ashton of the blonde locks. They’re taking it to the limits! Aurora and Shlomo from Wicked Nightclub are the producers of this weekly bawdy night.

The recent takeover of the former Milano restaurant on King Street West has seen a change of hands in operations and the latest news claims Four Nuts in Search of a Bolt as the resident restaurateurs. Perhaps these four nuts may be going a little bit crazy with overextending themselves, as it seems they are about to open a nightclub – watch for it because these lads know how to throw a party!

Love and Lust International Film Festival – 5 Stars
The Love and Lust International Film Festival at the Bloor Cinema was a treat for romantics and lascivious alike. Features and shorts titled Spank, Husbands School, Choke, Good Vibrations, Fluffer and The Night Life were a real send-up for Valentine’s Day. The after parties were held at Sage on opening night with a silent auction in aid of the Canadian Cancer Foundation, Banzai Sushi held a soiree with Geisha Girls and psychics, Metro Nightclub held Sin in the City, Nasa Nightclub held the Hot Body Contest and Wicked Nightclub held the closing party which had the founder of the festival, Frank Caruso held captive in a cage with the naughty Wicked Glamour Girls removing parts of his attire.


Return to New York at the Mod Club Theatre – 5 Stars
The Mod Club Theatre was host to the ubiquitous “Return to New York” international roving party which has been the best kept underground secret from London (UK), New York, Barcelona and now Toronto. It’s the BP (beautiful people) crowd – all your hot models, makeup artists, celebrities and of course deejays. It’s no wonder that the fabulous Julie Miller, Artist Group Founder had a hand in this five-champagne-popper of a party. Jacque Dinel (designer) was hanging out in VIP, where overlooking the dance-floor took on a whole sport of its own – spotting the hotties! You had to squish on the dance-floor there was no room for flippy foot-stepping but groovers bounced to the tunes of UK’s renowned recording producer and now deejay, Arthur Baker.


The Drake – 3 Stars
The Drake first anniversary party was a blow out except for those who arrived late the performances taking place in the hotel suites were off limits after 10 PM. – in other words closed down for the night. However, as in true Drake style the party did go on and there was much more fun to be had especially on the dance floor where there were former Ballerinas performing just for the heck of it!


Diesel at CBC – 5 Stars
Diesel preempted the L’Oreal Fashion Week by hosting one of the best Fashion Shows ever to be seen in Toronto, no less, at the not-so-trendy CBC. Who’d’ve thunk? Strict entrance by government employees restricted those without a Diesel armband. Once elevatored up to the tenth, it was all plugs pulled with a set design styled for the likes of the upcoming Star Wars movie. Jie, Toufik and the boys from Yorkville’s trendy hangout, Amber were in fine splendour and certainly added dash to the décor. The booze and the hors d’oeuvres were flowing at two fully stocked bars and waiters wandered around offering fill-ups from a mini hose sprouted out of the side of clever backpacks filled with Diesel fluid – the kind you can drink. Once the curtain rose, participants were treated to a space-age, three-pronged runway with an opening song performed by a drag queen singing “Fly Me to the Moon”. The organizers were brought in from Montreal – Canada’s number one party town. It was such a good party that I couldn’t pull myself away to head over to the Spoke Club for the Opernation party.

Thien Li at the ROM – 3 Stars

Thien Li also threw a fashion soiree at the ROM on the same night which reeled in all the fashion honchos. Deirdre Kelly of the Globe and Mail was decked out in an updated 1920’s look which suited her to a tee. Irene Carroll (PR Gal) looked fabulously glam although working, she managed to pull it off with aplomb. The designs were magnificent – as close as you’ll get to the Euorpean Haute Couture Houses in Canada. Thien Li really outdid himself this time – a true couturier but sadly the party was lacking. As fashion events go, it would deserve a five champagne popper rating.

spr05-ent-22Bruce Mau at the AGO – 3 Stars
As a pundit for the future of change, Bruce Mau’s aphorisms from his “Massive Change” exhibit at the AGO sums it up nicely -“we will design evolution”. Predominantly created by the Institute Without Boundaries under the tutelage of Mau, the graduate design programme is run by George Brown College. From climate control fabrics to the motorized Segway, the exhibit was more like a labyrinth of found objects assembled to incite the viewer into recognizing change that already exists and contemplate its destiny. Excited partiers lined up to have a ride on a Segway within a room cordoned off by pylons. Some speedsters enjoyed toppling over the pylons to the anxiousness of the attendants manning the trial runs. Mau chilled at the bar in the Atrium with some close friends including Quinn Sheppard, James & Pym Lahey and the lovely artist, Katherine Harvey.