About the EcoLiving Foundation

The Waterfront EcoLiving Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preserving of the worlds rivers, beaches, waterfronts, lakes and oceans through education and motivation. The Foundation was created out of Toronto Waterfront Magazine’s team and their passion for ecology, their courage to fight for a cause they believe in, and their hopes to inspire and encourage others to always protect our environment. In 2008 six members from Waterfront Magazine were selected, along with two hundred people across Canada, for climate project training by David Suzuki and Al Gore in Montreal. The team has learned many valuable lessons as environmental activists since the founding of Waterfront Magazine in 2003. By creating The Waterfront EcoLiving Foundation, along with the help of their partners, sponsors and supporters the foundation will be able to more effectively battle the forces that threaten our most valuable and life-sustaining resource: water.


Our Mission

Leading by example, our foundation’s team is committed to protecting and preserving our natural environment. Informing others about our responsibility is a great way to encourage everyone to become more proactive towards preservation, and to provide long-term solutions for sustainability. The Waterfront EcoLiving Foundation is dedicated to working directly with individuals, communities and governments, both locally and internationally, who want to make a difference and created a positive lasting change.


What We Do

Through events, conferences, television programming, documentary filmmaking and publishing, our goal is to share the message that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect our planet for the future.


Waterfront EcoLiving Foundation 
Waterpark Place, 20 Bay Street Suite 1100, Toronto, ON M5J 2N8