Toronto Island Sailing Club (TISC) — the waterfront’s best-kept secret!

If you want to sail without the expense and hassle of owning your own boat, then TISC is the place for you. TISC is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit sailing club on Centre Island, just minutes from the downtown core. When you become a member of TISC, not only do you get access to our spectacularly-located clubhouse on Centre Island, our fleet of boats, and CYA-approved sailing lessons, you also get a guaranteed spot on a boat with an experienced sailor on one of our three Social Sailing nights….

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, you will find a group of TISC sailors down at the club getting ready to go out for their sail. Every sailor is assigned a boat and a skipper for the season, typically on the day of his or her choice. Each week you go out onto the water with your skipper and other crew to learn the art of sailing. Each sailor gets an opportunity to learn at their own pace under the watchful eye of an experienced sailor. We encourage all sailors to work through the testing program and advance their level to Helms, Senior Hems or Skipper. After an invigorating time on the water, the sailors gather for an après sail feast. Each sailor will have brought something to BBQ, such as burgers, steak, chicken, shrimp or whatever they fancy. They also bring something to share. The “shareables” range from simple “all-I-had-time-for-was-to-buy-chips” to “I-slaved-in-my-kitchen-for-three-days-to-prepare-this-dish”. It’s a great opportunity to display your culinary skills. What will you become famous for?