From the humble beginning of only 27 teams participating in the first festival back in 1989, the Festival has evolved to a much bigger operation over the past two decades.

Organized by the Toronto Chinese Business Association and Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival, the Festival in 2015 will once again expect 180 to 200 teams with over 5,000 athletes.

In 2015, as the Festival celebrates its 27th year, it promises to continue to be one of the most exciting summer events in Toronto. Once again this year, the Festival will welcome teams from all provinces across Canada, from the U.S., the Caribbean Islands, Europe and Asia.

Furthermore, the Festival values social responsibilities and has in the past raised funds for many reputable charitable organizations.

dragon boatn race 2

Announcements – 27th Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival will be starting on June 20 & 21, 2015. Register now to get the early bird discount.

Upcoming Events – (Date June 20 & 21, 2015) – 27th Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival