by Aida Memisevic

Moments of glory and the heroes who continue to inspire the imagination of a nation form part of this historic mural, located on Davenport Road just west of Caledonia. The mural highlights a golden age in Canada’s hockey history, representing Canadian victories and the people that delivered the message to create an iconic culture.

Hometown Stanley Cup victories are also honored, beginning with Bill Barilko’s ‘flying goal’ for Toronto in 1951, along with other memorable champions that played the game with passion for their cities and their country.

“It’s important that we preserve Canadian history and have somewhere to appreciate artwork that is inspired by the city we live in,” said lead artist and visionary Marcelo Pinero, an award winning artist painter. The project began with a ‘public paint day’, where all members of the community were invited to contribute to the mural’s creation.

At over 100 feet wide, the ‘Hockey Heroes’ mural contributes to the surrounding landscape, helping to establish a mural culture west of Caledonia Park. It radiates a nostalgic appeal that speaks volumes to adherents of Canada’s hockey glory and serves to spark intrigue in anyone who is yet to be inspired by it.

The project was commissioned in part by the City of Toronto through the Street ArtToronto program.