Since he was a child, Wasim Qureshi’s fascination with roses has become his obsession. Whenever he wanted to express his love and appreciation to his Mom, sisters, aunts and teachers, he would save up his allowance and go to the elite Selfridges store in London, and later, Holt Renfrew. Wasim loved the reaction he got from the women in his life when they received beautiful luxury roses. 

His fascination with the perfect rose lead him to inventing how to imprint on the petals of the roses messages of love. He would painstakingly machine print gold letters of love and built a successful business which he enjoyed. He also delivered his roses in classy boxes and wrapped the roses in printed tissue to the delight of his clients.

Eventually, Wasim moved to Canada with his younger sister.  His love for roses and the search for the perfect one continued. He met and befriended a wonderful co-worker named Fadil Khodabocus, who became his best friend. Fadil and his wife Sabrina Sairally were a couple who believed in overcoming all odds together. She was an established businesswoman prior to the birth of her children; Fadil decided to invest in Wasim’s dream to find the perfect rose and to give his wife the opportunity to continue using her business expertise and entrepreneurial skills from home.

 In October 2017 they joined in partnership to build a rose empire in Canada. Two weeks after signing the collaboration, Wasim’s family met with tragedy. His youngest sister, who lived with him, died in her sleep of a brain aneurism. The grief of losing his confidante, the one who encouraged him to pursue his dreams, was overwhelming.  Two weeks later, tragedy struck Wasim’s family once again as his eldest sister, who was fighting cancer died suddenly. Wasim was in a state of total shock and wanted to give up everything and move back to England. Fadil and Sabrina encouraged him in his time of grief and helped to bring him back on his feet once again. They worked tirelessly to create the perfect packaging of the perfect luxury rose.

As if Wasim’s two sisters were angels overlooking and blessing the roses project in Canada, the birth of Unique Roses started on a successful new journey. The company began receiving multiple orders from major Canadian department stores and their online company began to thrive. Today, Unique Roses is picking up great momentum and they are now planning to become a household name globally. Unique Roses is becoming the leader in Luxury Rose Arrangements in Canada.

Waterfront Magazine was happy to receive the nomination of Sabrina Sairally in the category of Business and Entrepreneur, nominated by the Brand Ambassador of Unique Roses, Mala Singh. Mala said she admired the fact that Sabrina, along with raising five young sons, had the skills and expertise to take Unique Roses onto the global stage.


Unique Roses now operates online at and delivers fresh premium rose arrangements available in seven vibrant colors. They will soon be launching preserved Rose arrangements that will last two to five years. We wish Unique Roses success in achieving their goal of becoming a household name globally for luxury rose arrangements.