By Angela Patrizia

Growing up in Italy, discovering my feminine identity was easy for me. There were always my grandmothers or somebody’s aunts or cousins who oozed femininity and cheerfully would tell me how to appreciate and value being feminine.

Also, the male component of my family always respected and was grateful for the contribution femininity brought into the family.

Femininity is a gift and belongs to both men and women. For women it is their most intimate essence and gives them a clearly defined identity. For men, it permits them to reveal their own unique essence and to project their masculine identity. When femininity and masculinity complement each other, harmony blends with sensuality to enhance our lives.

There has to be a sensible balance in life aà the Ying and the Yang. Just as we have to breathe out after we breathe in, we have to balance our masculine assertive characteristics with our feminine, receptive ones.

It can be said, that we live in a male dominated world; but, this presents no threat to an understanding female, confident in her own femininity. The false perception that women are weak, helpless, incapable and merely emotional creatures has compelled many women to abandon their femininity and try to take on masculine characteristics. This throws us out of balance and we lose the value of the receptive component of femininity. Women don’t have to pretend to be men.

People can demonstrate all the assertiveness, required in life, provided it is in balance with the more feminine receptive characteristic. Take for example a great man such as Gandhi, who unquestionably was strong and assertive, yet he remained gentle and receptive. His approach to success was to balance his aggressive and receptive natures. This balancing is relevant to both men and women.

Sophia Loren, a successful Italian actress, has exhibited the same characteristics in pursuing her own achievements. She, in her films and in her life, shows us how a strong and determined woman can be receptive, understanding and sensual. You have heard the expression “she opens doors with just a smile” how true this is and it is a clear example of how a woman can be successful in her femininity. Femininity puts us in harmony with the universe and adds refinement, sensitivity and quality to our lives.

An intelligent friend of mine said; “If femininity is a remedy for mankind, and is the way to prevent its destruction, then to develop it becomes a necessity and the responsibility of each human being regardless of his or her gender… This is crucial for the future.”
Angela Patrizia is a co-active life coach, specializing in femininity for women. Email: