Longevity is about a series of complex painstaking choices. We all want to look and feel our best. We all want long lives. We all hate insurance premiums. Cannabis use is controversial. Rolling a ‘fatty’ or a ‘piner’ isn’t everyone’s first choice after a long hard day. In corporate circles it may in fact be abhorrently discouraged as a productivity killer or an extremely unprofessional act that could create glaring eyes.

Mr. Trudeau is the son of a man who changed society. Cannabis is often associated with politics; complex politics. The government is dealing with “the underground.” And “the underground” is dealing with the government. Bill C45 is not as fun as one would think. As an ‘emerging’ pharmacological intervention for a slew of maladies, cannabis’ promising hope brings insights from years of empirical data driven research to the forefront. Not everyone has a PhD in Psychoneuroimmunology and even doctors are scared to prescribe the wrong dosage or be liable for risky practices. Pub med has thousands of solid studies but by the time it reaches the front line, the stressed-out executive on sabbatical for a simple family matter has been given a huge dose of abilify and drugged instead of listened to. It’s not just for the cool kids with a billion views on youtube, still religiously listening to Kendrick Lamar, anymore. Many have adopted the anarchist revolution freedom culture hoping for existential relief from their inner angst, rapping about their dank smoky insights on life or relationship problems. Many have more conservative antithesis views and worry legalization will bring a slew of societal, political, or policing problems. Policy brings regulatory frameworks, Health Canada, new enforcement, driving safety issues and a lot of health care experts with licensing requirements to uphold panicking. I won’t even go there because researching 1% of it gave me a headache that made me need to take Ativan and a vacation. The kind of retirement vacation you can’t come back from. 

I dare you to explore this from an investment perspective, since we are all capitalists, aren’t we? Or if we’re social capitalists, we at least want to jump on this freedom train to at least pretend we’re decent and ethical. We’re pro something, right? Or maybe we’re apathetic chill human beings who just want to go to the LCBO (once it’s legal like wine) and not be judged. Humanists will also like what I have to say too. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. On my quantum journey to understand, I confess – I may have met some cool musicians somewhere once and inhaled. Not like everyday or anything… but I inhaled. Mr. Trudeau. Mr. Morneau. Mr. Laporte. Nana and Uncle Rick, I sincerely apologize. Now… Let the story begin. What is a quantum journey, you ask? Well…I‘ll explain: “Orchestrated Objective Reduction Theory;” another time. You need to be enlightened. Come to one of the Professional Business Network events. I may show up.

From an investment perspective, we always want to be cliché, risk averse, think long term and diversify. Like a Cohiba Behike, don’t hit it and quit it. Diversify it. Don’t buy into the hype or trendy hot sexy whatever. Manage downside risk. Think value. Enjoy the recreational only if your doctor approves. Don’t risk it. The green rush could be worth 22 billion or more. Big whoop. So many other rushes. I’m more concerned about patient affordability and tax problems. Less drama from the media is needed. It’s probably already over for investors. But since you asked about “Orchestrated Objective Reduction Theory”… Ok, too far. Back on track. WOAH. Don’t ask… 

OK, so… I had the privilege of interviewing one of the top investment analysts in Canada who works at a specialist investment firm based in Toronto. An Ivey grad formerly with Scotia and Dundee Capital Markets who now plays an active role in capital allocation or knows the top leaders at more than fifty licensed producers, twelve niche tech cos, twelve professional service cos, twenty research and testing cos, eighteen clinics… I could go on. There are also the hemp angles in this space. Not to mention the ten investment groups to consider and the dozens of retail players emerging. Key word is “emerging”. Following the law here is paramount, and many will be out of business because of the tightening regulations. People must be ready. 

So… Where do you park your hard earned dollars? Where is it safe for that private soon to be fat pension? My honest unbiased answer? Life insurance. Oldest trick in the book. Safest. Look up the infinite banking concept or ‘whole life.’ Not subject to market volatility. Not exposed to creditor risk. Not subject to speculation or emotional dribble from investors trying to flock in or time the hype. Not exposed to risk from regulatory evolutions. Not exposed to risk. Plus, you’ll protect your family or business tax-effectively. Save your money prudently. Protect your assets. I know a great tax lawyer who won the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee. And some companies are even giving people a break with smoker’s rates, so you don’t have to worry about outrageous premiums. They’ll even incentivize you to enter health programs that reduce your actuarial risk. Only two things are guaranteed in life: death and taxes. Avoid both. 

Who would totally love to go to a music therapy program to help them stop smoking for a tax write off? I have dreams… but for now, keep it sane. Boring suggestion, right? Smart investing should be like watching paint dry. Diversify. Ask your investment advisor about Horizons ETFs, Green Acre Capital, Lexaria Bioscience, CannaTrust and we can’t forget THC Inc. Also maybe explore vend data media solutions. Whoever owns the data owns the research. Whoever owns the research has the market insight. Make sure your advisor is data driven and not high while giving their recommendation. Probably also great advice. Although, maybe one day advisors will have heartfelt crucial conversations about corporate social responsibility and VAT taxes on new luxury products with you when you strike it big. Anyway, that’s enough advice for a musician to give. Always ensure your investment choice is suitable for your risk tolerance, time horizon, asset class and life goals. Dreams can come true. Selena Gomez just came on… I have to go! Peace, love, unity… oh, and “Namaste technologies”… Might be another winner. What do I know!