By Perry Prichard

Supermoto is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. and quickly becoming the biggest thing to hit Canada.

For those of you who may not know what Supermoto is, it is a combination of 3 different disciplines of motorcycle racing. Road Racing – Motocross – Dirt Tracking. The bikes used are typically 4 stroke dirtbikes, like the KTM’s that are converted to use road race slick tires. The track that we race on incorporates all 3 disciplines. Most of the track is high speed road course but also has a portion of it set-up as a motocross track and dirt track turns. It is one of the most exciting forms of racing to hit the motorcycle industry in a long time. The fans love the excitment and can really get close to the action, not to mention the pits are always open for the fans to talk to the riders.

DIABLO was a big factor in my success last year. After trying DIABLO and seeing how it helped me focus and really helped me keep my concentration during the chaos of the race, I knew it was something that I wanted to use before each race. So in fact I did. Over the years of my racing I’ve seen the trends that pass through the pits. One thing that has really changed is the use of energy drinks. More and more riders are no longer using coffee or soda, you just don’t get the energy or ability to concentrate from those types of drinks. Since DIABLO has to be the best tasting energy drink on the market, who wouldn’t want to use it? Normally before each race, I would down a cold DIABLO and then start preparing myself for the race. And before the event it was if I was in a zone and ready to attack the competition.

Winning the KTM Supercup was a big accomplishment for me and I can honestly say that using DIABLO really gave me the edge against the competition. More energy, concentration and more importantly, FOCUS.

2005 will bring a whole new host of competitors and we will be ready for them. We are still in negotiations with some potential sponsors, but things are really looking good. We will certainly be ready. Allan Jaggard and I have teamed up and will be on the top of our game and prepared to do battle with all the other great racers out there.

Our schedule will host several locations throughout Canada. 2 events will be right downtown Toronto at the DOCK’S Entertainment Facility and 1 of the events will be in a close suburb or on the outskirts of Toronto. Each of which will be accessible to the great fans of Toronto. We look forward to seeing everyone out there and taking the time to talk with all our fans that stop by out pit and try out some awesome DIABLO.