Michael Bonacini

Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants is the creation of Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini, partners who first teamed up in 1993 to open Bay Street’s now legendary Jump. Since then, Oliver & Bonacini has come to be recognized as one of Canada’s leading fine dining restaurant companies, operating a portfolio of unique and innovative restaurants in Ontario. 

Dr. Roger Turner

Dr. Turner developed the unique and very effective Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.) principles for correcting the misalignments in the skull. When the skull is out of place it puts direct pressure on the brain, interfering with its ability to function. This will decrease blood flow, decrease nerve transmission to and from the brain, and interfere with cerebral spinal fluid flow, all of which cause abnormalities in brain performance

Keith Tarswell

Bosley Real Estate Ltd., is a 100% family owned and operated Real Estate company that has been successfully assisting the buying and selling public since 1928.
Keith is an outstanding professional and a leader in the industry. He is driven, focused, extremely knowledgeable and manages his office with great skill.