Diana Krall: A Success Story

I just read the story about Diana Krall, and was very interested in her birthplace of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Growing up on the water with the majestic landscape as part of her childhood comes through very clearly in her songwriting, particularly the song; “Departure Bay”. The entire cd speaks to her Canadian roots and her stellar marriage to Elvis Costello.
Stephanie Simpson,
Mississauga, Ontario

Question Mark for the Port AuthorityThe Port Authority’s future was brought into question with the election of Jack Layton on June 28. Not only does Toronto now have a mayor who is concerned with the Port Authority, but also a sitting national party leader cÌ one who’s riding encompasses much of the territory controlled by the Port Authority.

With a minority government in Ottawa, David Miller and Jack Layton may have the leverage to force the federal government to return the Port Authority’s land and operations to Toronto. Having lost thousands of votes in Toronto due to the Port Authority, and having nearly lost their seats in the bargain, at least some members of the Liberals’ Toronto caucus would like to see the federal Port Authority dissolved.

Marc Brien,
Community Air

The Alternative: Wind Power
As I recover from a very successful “Black Out” anniversary party, I reflect with interest the article on the wind turbine. Yes, it does appeal to me on many levels. My nine-year a¯old son pointed out to me that he plans to have one in his house when he grows up instead of paying utility bills. As Canadians, we would be well served to follow the European examples of the wind industry and increase the number of wind turbines significantly.
Wind Enthusiast,
Toronto, Ontario Carnival Dancers

The Brazilian Ball captured my imagination and left me speechless at the thought of 33 million dollars being raised in just over 30 years. This enormous effort is unheard of from a single charity. I applaud the volunteers and the founder Anna Marie de Souza, who clearly works tirelessly and selflessly to bring about this volume of fundraising year after year.
David Petrie,
North York, OntarioWorld Class Sailor

Derek Hatfield is a man of great character. The fact that he sails out into the wild blue yonder, completely alone: man against the sea, reminds me of a Hemmingway novel.(with a happier ending) I am anxious to hear the outcome of his next adventure.
Keep your readers posted.
Jonathan Marshall,
Pickering, OntarioPower Struggle:

Port Authority vs. City of Toronto
A conflict exists over the utilization of the former industrial areas on Toronto’s waterfront. We must not permit political or corporate agendas to dominate the issue of waterfront regeneration. The simple fact is that good people will make good decisions for good reasons, if permitted to do so.

A recent conference in Toronto on sustainable development profiled the need for urban communities to preserve a healthy living environment while providing for safe economic development.

Our children require an ecologically friendly world, to grow up in; yet, they will also need jobs to sustain their families and to pay taxes. Government resources are finite and cannot maintain social programs without adequate taxation.

Seoul Korea recently went through a dramatic waterfront renewal. This revitalization was fully in concert with the principals of sustainable development. Toronto can do the same.

There can be no winners or losers between the Port Authority and the city. Citizens and taxpayers would only become losers and massaged egos would not be in the public interest.

Plans by the Port Authority and the city should be published and made available to the public and fully discussed by our concerned citizens. We don’t need power brokers we need common sense. The vehicle used to perform any revitalization of our waterfront is not important, the plans are.
Jerry Zugac,
Concerned taxpayer