If the evidence supports that the new airport is detrimental to the film industry in Toronto, why is it that Brenda Librecz, managing director of economic development for the city, does not understand that fact. Apparently, expanding the waterfront is incompatible with film shoots and sound stages as such high profile figures as Atom Egoyan and David Lee have stated in their very public opinions on the matter. For Ms. Librecz’s office to claim to be attracting film studios to the port lands, yet be willing to gamble with the $899.5 million that was generated in 2001 by that industry is puzzling to say the least.
Concerned film, Afficionado

I would like to applaud the efforts of this new magazine. I enjoy the contribution you are making to the neighbourhood and look forward to watching you grow and flourish. You are providing a voice for all of us to express our concerns and to work collectively to build the kind of community that we desire. The future is indeed in the hands of the residents.
Susan Johnston, Harbourfront

Hats off to the Canada’s Cup Challenge! This was a great way to be an armchair sports buff, without leaving the comfort of my living room. I enjoyed great sailing maneouvers and once again patted myself on the back for moving to Harbourfront. I plan to get out on one of the spectator boats for the next such event.
Bill Stevens, Harbourfront

I suggest that anyone who thinks that our waterfront is attractive and functional should take a trip to Chicago. Now that is a successful endeavour. The Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation should get it’s ducks in order now (no pun intended). If they would like us to believe that a 30-year plan is going to make us happy today, think again.
Ellen Birkholtz, Toronto