Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate founder Natasha Romero Medrano is a Greater Toronto Area local with passion, drive, and an arsenal of incredible, hand-crafted chocolates. She combined her long-established background in the food industry, wizard-like chocolate chemistry, and her finely-tuned business acumen to develop one of the best up-and-coming chocolate businesses in the region.

Even the company’s name has an creative twist! “Miss Bailey Brown” was originally one of Natasha’s signature chocolate flavours, but her company’s growth of indulgent offerings transformed the chocolate’s namesake into the company name that you see today. And here’s something else that I like about Ms. Medrano’s chocolates – each one tells a story, with “Miss Bailey Brown” being characterized as a fiesty, fun lady from New Orleans that loves food and music… someone you can share a bottle of wine with and enjoy some amazing chocolates. The chocolates pictured above are wonderful, featuring Milk chocolate with a surprise – pop rocks and rice crisps, Lemon Coconest – mini lemon coconut truffles with milk chocolate, ‘Chocolate Chai Butterfly’, and another personal favourite of mine: the Cinnamon Spiced Love, which combines white chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg ganache.  This collection is made with love and would make a great hostess gift for any dinner party.

If you’re celebrating any milestones like a wedding, bridal party, or a shower anytime soon – Miss Bailey Brown does events and catering too. She’s your gal.  You can buy these delicious hand crafted chocolates from the Miss Bailey Brown’s website, or from Milton’s Hawthorne Cafe.

Thank you to the ever-talented Natasha for sharing these mouth-watering chocolates, and for sharing her passion in creating such unique, quality indulgences.

Miss Bailey Brown was the name of our Baileys Irish Cream & Brownie Truffle. Now, Miss Bailey Brown is the face of our chocolate truffle company.

Natasha is a jazzy, classy, stylish lady from New Orleans! She loves music that moves you, fashion that turns heads & some good full flavoured food for the soul and of course dark chocolate! She aspires to satisfy the desire for one of life’s little pleasures, chocolate! Your taste buds will be surprised with the “Harmony of Flavours”. The combination of top quality ingredients for our Artisan Chocolate Truffles will delight you!

Impress Your Guests. Natasha wants to equip hosts and hostesses of events and special occasions to “WOW” their guests with her catering and chocolate services. Her chocolate workshops and tastings are fashioned to immerse you into a Jazz Lounge atmosphere.

Miss Bailey Brown was born out of a monthly ladies event hosted by Natasha. She loves to build new friendships & bring people together.

The theme was “Chocoholics Anonymous”! She decided to try making chocolate truffles for her friends, instead of cakes, cookies or cupcakes. She fell in love with the process of making truffles and working with chocolate. Combining high quality ingredients for fillings and designing the overall look to catch your eye came from her previous career in restaurant management.

Miss Bailey Brown was honoured to be selected to present their chocolate to over 200 celebrities at the Gifting Suite in honour of the 90th Academy Awards 2018. Hosted by Celebrity Connected on March 2nd, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.