Greetings from the Honourable Michael Coteau
Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I would like to join Toronto Waterfront Magazine in congratulating the Luminato Festival on its 10th Anniversary in 2016.

Luminato is celebrated as one of the world’s prominent arts and culture festivals, showcasing performance, visual art, music, theatre, and much more. The Ontario government is proud to support Luminato in this celebration of artistic diversity and excellence.

I would also like to congratulate Toronto Waterfront Magazine on its 14th year of publication. The magazine plays an important role in bringing to the public Toronto’s vibrant and engaging culture and the many events and activities on offer. Thank you for your hard work in promoting downtown Toronto’s sights and sounds to Ontarians and our visitors.

Congratulations to both Luminato and Toronto Waterfront Magazine on their respective anniversaries, and best wishes for a superb 2016!


Michael Coteau