By Linda Montgomery

Wolfs calls the win the highlight of his racing career so far. “Accumulated experience came into play. Staying focused, just worrying about the job at hand, race by race, and not the end result was key” he says of their strategy. He hopes his Olympic win encourages others. “It’s a possible achievement and the opportunity is there. If you really go for it, it will happen”.

Mike’s star is shining just a little bit brighter on the professional sailing circuit these days. When he’s not working for a local sailmaker, he’ll be spending much of this Winter in Miami, where he’s in demand as a hired gun for international teams and major regattas.

And if you happen to see Mike, even a couple of months post-Olympics, his medal isn’t far away. He’ll fish it out of his pocket and show it to you with a well-deserved big smile lighting up his gregarious face.