By Peter G. Budnick

“It is going to be the most elegant building there is: the highest quality fixtures, the largest rooms, the largest ceiling heights and the highest of everything. There won’t be a building to compete with it. We are going to do something very special in Toronto.”
– Donald J. Trump in announcing the Trump International Hotel and Tower project in Toronto

The concept of a condo-hotel is not new, but Trump International, decided their facility would pamper the occupants, in a manner comparable to a premier resort hotel.

All the usual hotel amenities will be made available, such as restaurants, spas and personal care services. The condominium part of the structure would provide a residential address, or a rental investment, or both. The management of the hotel would provide the marketing of such rental condo units.

This form of condo ownership is designed for owners, who don’t have the time or inclination to furnish, provide staffing or otherwise prepare a luxury residence. For “Jet-setters” this may provide a second or third residence in a central location of a major city.

After the initial cost of acquisition, ranging from $612,000 to $3,997,000, there is a monthly condominium assessment, for common expenses, taxes and administration. There would also be a “per-use” fee for optional services, such as housekeeping.

Architect Eberhard Zeidler, of Toronto, artfully designed this magnificent 68 storey edifice with unique and innovative use of glass. This feature will attract much attention, on completion.

The project in Toronto has a Canadian connection. It is a joint venture between Donald J. Trump and Talon International Development Inc., a Canadian based company with activities in Canada, the United States the United Kingdom.

If we can afford this opulence and luxury, where “money is no object”, we can certainly find comfort in the proposed Toronto Trump Tower. If money is an object that cannot be ignored, then we will just have to stay where we are and dream.

The talent, audacity and determination of the Trump family are known around the world. With the Toronto project a new Trump emerges to make his stake in the family business.

A handsome, relaxed, young, confident Donald Trump Jr. arrived in Toronto to proudly raise the family banner over the Bay and Adelaide development. Accompanying him was Bill Rancic, winner of the popular Donald J. Trump television show “The Apprentice”. One could not resist the thought that here, for the project unveiling, were “the sorcerer’s son and the sorcerer’s apprentice”. Watching them work the reception, in tandem, was an impressive sight.

Donald Trump Jr. is involved in the five hundred million dollar development in Toronto, while Bill Rancic will be supervising a similar project in Chicago.

Young blood is always welcomed at any project, requiring skill, durability and tenacity. With the self-assured Donald Trump Jr., it appears that a new energy source stands poised to keep the “Trump Fortunes” moving in ever expanding directions.