By Samantha Ross


Lee (Amy Bucknam) has been living on the outskirts of a small town in New Jersey all her life and has barely ever been away from home. She’s finally ready to make a fresh start as she has just finished school despite the apprehension of her over-bearing Grandmother (Gaye Courage) who has cared for Lee ever since her parents tragically passed away. Her first day at work becomes a day that changes her life. She decides to join her co-workers at the local pub where she finds her older sister, Charlie (Sandy Kellerman) that she has not seen since childhood. The meeting does not go well as Charlie has been living a completely opposite lifestyle to Lee and has aged beyond her years. As some time passes, they begin to bond again. Lee welcomes her sister back into her life unconditionally and without judgment even though Charlie has spent the past several years as a “guinea pig” for a local drug dealer. One of the henchmen for that dealer, Nick, (David A. Usher) takes a liking to Lee, as he is intrigued by her beauty and by the fact that she is still a virgin. Charlie decides that it’s time to put the past behind her and come back to her lost family for good. However, fate has other plans for Charlie as she dies during her last “testing” job. Charlie’s death changes Lee. She takes matters into her own hands and uses Nick’s weakness for her against him as a means to discover the truth about her sister, the real reasons behind her father’s death and what she discovers is more disturbing than she could have imagined. Not just the black shadows of her family’s history, but that her own dark side is more dangerous than she realizes.