By Karim Mirshahi
For those that suffer from Asthma, Allergies, Migraines and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hope of a cure is on the horizon.

Aremarkable medical doctor, has presented to us, in minute detail, how these conditions can be better understood and even repaired.

The prospect of an inexpensive cure would liberate a large segment of our population from suffering and death; but it would also devastate the profit potential of the drug producers. A conflict exists between physicians who actually desire to heal their patients and those, who, through ignorance or intent, choose to have them return, on an endless regime of medical preparations.

Dr. Felix Ravikovich is a dedicated healer. He obtained his medical degree, specializing in internal medicine, at Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. Receiving his Canadian certification in 1985, he has been practicing in Toronto, specializing in allergy and asthma treatment. Over the past 9 years, he methodically and thoroughly investigated the cellular and genetic components of defects, in our bodies, that manifest themselves in asthma, allergies and related diseases.

Recently he has compiled his studies into a 410-page book on the subject. Although Dr. Ravikovich’s text is primarily for the medical and health care profession, it is readable by ordinary patients such as myself. The book outlines how medical intervention is possible to prevent unwanted production of histamine. This would remove the necessity of taking drugs that suppress allergy-inducing agents. He explains the causes and triggers to allergic reactions, reducing them to an understandable format.

Dr. Ravikovich systematically discusses the process and value of allergy testing. Particular concern is paid to very common allergy medications, prescribed by doctors, which can cause life threatening consequences and even result in the stimulation of some cancers. In fact, studies by the ‘Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology’ reveal this consequence from the application of allergy medications.

Concern is shown for the possible complications of repeated steroid usage. These substances can result in temporary detrimental side effects and even the development of new chronic diseases.

A fascinating and revealing segment of the Dr. Ravikovich book is titled “Functional Encephalopathies”. This is a condition, solely due to an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. He writes, “in this sense, mental and neurological diseases such as headache, attention deficit and hyper activity syndromes, depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, many seizure disorders, schizophrenia, etc.” fall in this category.

Dr. Ravikovich’s interest is focused on the underlying causes and mechanisms for the consequential diseases and his thoughtful clarifications remove much of the ambiguity and mystery surrounding them.

This scholarly, yet courageous book is a valuable asset to the medical community and the public. It permits me to say that “The Plot Against Asthma and Allergy Patients” by Dr. Felix Ravikovich is admirably, in line with the Hippocratic Oath. The practice of medicine, medical research and the availability of public health services ought to serve humanity, and not only commercial interests.

The Plot Against Asthma and Allergy Patients
By Dr. Felix Ravikovich

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