Living on the waterfront at HarbourSide, we are very fortunate to have a new, east and west trail that is fully paved, in front of our Toronto lakeshore Condo complex. Don’t let the path fool you into thinking it is for bikes only! In fact, the path is known as the “Water Front Trail”

It’s part of a 740 KM trail network connecting east Toronto through to Niagara and connecting with other trails for walkers, runners, bladers, bikers and anything un-motorized – electric or otherwise. It has a speed limit of 20KPH, which some biking speed demons ignore, so beware, when you walk, cross or travel north and south the ignorant may hit and engage in some nasty commentary and or cause an ugly accident/incident.

My wife and I are both active bikers and are very aware of the few that abuse this wonderful pathway and claim it as their own and are unwilling to share it with others.

Actually we have both been involved in accidents whereby the excessive speed of others traveling along the path has resulted in the said accident/incident.

Helmets, awareness and good signals help us along our journeys.

Use this path and all others in and around the Toronto streets with care, but please remember Buses, Cars and Trucks are bigger and in the end will win the battle of size.